Leadership 101


What is the problem or solution we solve
What is the time frame for our metric
How will people feel when they overcome the problem
Why us?


1. answer these 4 questions
2. Find a name close to crisis in leadership
3. Get the list of subscribers from the blog
4. Create the segregation offer


1. Get 6-8 video testimonials
2. Get David to introduce his vision is 60 seconds or less
3. Get the blog posts
4. Categorize the blog post
5. Create a community
6. Put David in Slack
7. Create PDF for all blog posts
8. Create a content calendar
9. Build out course immersion platform
10. Talk about Fletcher Method
11. Advanced topics

Have you ever felt like something is missing from your customers’ experience? Or that you and your team are just “going through the motions?”
Sure, you’re delivering a great product, but it’s just a business transaction. Worse, you and your team have lost the excitement you used to have about serving your customers.

As a leader, you don’t need a ton of money or resources to create defining moments for the people you serve. You just need a desire and a little imagination to make your time with them unforgettable.


Clarify your message so customers can hear you.

If you confuse you’ll lose. Noise is the real enemy. Creating a clear message is the best way to grow your business.

We are providing you a framework to clarify your message.

People are not drawn to the best products and services but they are drawn to the ones they understand the fastest.

We are attracted to clarity so when your websites, emails and even your elevator speech aren’t clear, people turn us out.

With so much data available today, its hard to figure out what to say so we are bombarding our customers with useless information.

How much is it costing you to host a website that gives you no response or send emails that no one opens? How much is it costing you to have an elevator pitch that people simply ignore?



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